Coachella, Memorial Day, Whatever the occasion, you need a MANNY ON THAT FANNY!!!


I can store so many beers in this Fanny it ain't even funny. I prefer The Beautiful, but I own one of each of these awesome accessories. 

Todd, Nashville

I love the Pineapple Land. It really makes my fanny pop, and I get all kinds of compliments from my girlfriends.

Stacy, Miami Beach

This a great place for me to store my things they even have a hidden compartment in the back where I keep treats. 

Phil, Punxsutawney

Why Manny Paxx

The glory days when a man or woman could wear a fanny pack in a judgement free world died too soon. Where else will you store your keys, monster phone, and wallet when you're wearing skinny jeans or leggings. People need to be able to store their belongings and still show off their jacked quads, thicc booty, or dad-bod belly. Manny Paxx sets out to solve that problem in a fashionable way that says, "I'm classy, but I like to party."